First it was politcal views which did not conform to the narrative. Then it was censorship of expression that is deemd politically incorrect. Now the thought police are attacking erotica novels. I dont even read erotica, but the fact that internet censorship is leading to supression of books is to me cause for concern. Let me tell you, this is only the beginning. Do not conform. Do not give up. Do not let the powers that be strip you of your right to freedom of expression.



12 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Oh boy! Here we go. A well intended but vaguely written law always has unintended consequences. The secret is the financial impact. If there is a serious financial impact that is unwarranted you can bet the big money will bring a stick to the table while all the little folks will just have to grin and bare it. Bare it in the direction of the law makers.

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    1. We’ll see, but it’s not like the big corporations to cave on a matter of profit, so for companies like amazon to toe the line suggests to me that they can afford the drop in profits, and indeed are probably involved with the scheme. They are big enough that they can start to control what’s available if they really want to. Who wanted such laws, anyway? Someone lobbied for it, and only the big guns have that kind of money.

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      1. I think this will have broad reaching impacts until things get straightened out. Erotica will just go underground again and continue on like before. Nothing will stop it, just change the supply chain. Do hope it curbs human trafficing but I doubt it.


      2. Lol! Like erotica books have anything to do with human trafficking! 😂 maybe they should start targeting those Asian salons and see if those women even have legal residency in the states. Supposedly, a lot of those Asian businesses are fronts from human trafficking. Sure, not all, but it would be a better tactic than suppressing some sexy novels.

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      3. I’ve seen this up close and personal from a peace inforcement role with the limp wristed UN missions. It was so horrifying what was done to these people of all ages and both genders, that I was traumatized by just witnessing the scope and human devastation of it all. We aren’t talking small numbers. Over time it’s millions of lives destroyed from poor and war torn countries. All for deviant sex without consequence. A silly law like this is pointless. We need to use the Genghis Kahn methods of social reconstruction starting with the people that prey on others for cheap labor or sexual deviancy. Then wipe put the conduits and traffikers. That will get results.

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  2. A lot of U. S. government laws are really impacting the freedom of the Internet.

    It might actually be a really good thing for the world if Vladimir Putin nuked Washington DC.

    No doubt these a_ _holes in Congress would classify Solomon’s Song of Solomon to say nothing of other very steamy chapters in the Old Testament as erotica and ban the Bible.

    All these laws are helping to pave the way for the rise of the ultimate tyrant- the Antichrist- without whose mark no one will be able to buy or sell.

    Perhaps Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson was right in his 1907 apocalyptic novel Lord of The World when he hypothesized that the Antichrist would be in fact be an American.


    1. It is never a good thing to use nuclear weapons. No offense, but I don’t take the bible seriously. Anyway, if there is a devil, the church is it. Any truth there might be to what they preach is because they make sure it becomes true. So…. Let’s steer clear of such talk, because you don’t want to get me started.


      1. Did I say that? I have a long past with Christianity, and for the sake of people’s feelings, I’d rather not discuss it. To each his own, but I don’t want to see my blog turned into a bible belt zone. I have no love of that religion.


  3. These self righteous assholes should remember that burning books as a form of censorship was propagated by the Nazis, but then maybe this is how they see themselves – protecting the morals of the people from the whims of artistic flair and talent!

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    1. Precisely. I see it as a test run, just to desensitize the masses to increased censorship. What’s next? Books that don’t keep to the mainstream agenda? Totalitarian regimes always target the voices of dissent, no matter if it’s dissent from the right, left or even religious dissent. The Christians used to destroy books, the Nazis, probably plenty of others we’re overlooking. No one can tell me that anyone gives a rats ass about erotic books, and I don’t believe for a second that mega corporations like Amazon, Google, and all the rest don’t have the monetary powder to prevent laws they don’t want or pass the ones they do. The government has always been in the pockets of big business, and morality is the least of their concerns. Haha!


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