Wool Sock Challenge

Credit to Hyperion for this one. You can check out his post here: https://wp.me/p7FFs0-MI
So, here ya go, my sock loving friend! One of my favourite pairs of socks: Ski socks from Smartwool. They are a blend, I believe, but all of the Smartwool socks I’ve ever ownded have been wonderful! I need more, lots more!


16 thoughts on “Wool Sock Challenge

    1. No, I hadn’t even heard of them. I’m living in Germany now, and of all the supposedly high quality socks I’ve found here, the only really good ones are from smart wool. I’ll have to look into it.


    1. You’ve really got to try some smart wool! Look for the styles that give support, extra thickness to toes/heels, and are more breathable. They have a kind of contoured look. I’ve seen some that are just normal weave, but the contoured styles are the ones you want. They have excellent hiking socks, by the way, and I wear mine all year. They are warm enough in winter and cool enough for summer. Really crazy how that works.

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    1. I’ve never tried the hand woven variety. A lot of people around hear make them, but they just don’t look like they’d be as nice as smart wool’s socks. Which is a pity, because I’d love to have some of that quality made by hand and from 100% wool.

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