And the Lazy Blogger Award goes to…

Why me, of course!

[Cue applause]

“Why, thank you ladies and gents! It is such an honour to win this prestigious award! Id like to give thanks to my trusty fnas here in the blogger realm, for your continued dedication. It must be a real challenge to faithfully follow a blogger who so rarely publishes a blog post, but somehow you do!”

[Takes a bow, accepts trophy, audiance applauds.]

Ok, enough nonsense! Seriously, though, my life has become so busy these last monhs, that sometmes I feel like I’m running on my last reserves of energy, hence my absence of posts lately. Unfortunately, that means it is taking much longer than it should to get the last of my chapter reviews finished before I can begin sending out my manuscript. Once in a while, I am fortunate enough to snag a few minutes to read the odd post from fellow bloggers, and I apologize for neglecting the bloggers I follow.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. Will keepyou updated when there is anything new to tell. Hope you’re all having a nice week!


9 thoughts on “And the Lazy Blogger Award goes to…

  1. I think the Lazy Blogger Award should be formalized and spread like a virus 🦠. We all have those periods of down time. I actually enjoy the heck out of a break now and then. Once in a while just post pictures of your socks and that will keep the madness going at a fairly good pace. πŸ˜ƒ

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