Success! I Have A Manuscript!

Much thanks to Hyperion (aka Dan) for all your help, especially for preparing my manuscript for me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Twilight of Yggdrasil, the Dark Realm is very near to becoming a real book! This is book 1 of a trilogy, for those who are new to my blog.

Last step before beginning the enquiry process: a final review to make sure all recent edits and revisions are accurate, etc, and then I’m finished.

I’ve made myself a latte, the laptop is on, and I’m ready to get started!

Wish me luck, folks! The journey to publication is about to begin!

And to all of you who’ve stuck around since almost the very beginning, a big thank you for all your support and encouragement!


Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

And it’s time to knock out the last chapter! (Technically, not the last chapter of the book, because I already completed editing chapter 11 before proceeding chapters, so I’m now working on chapter 10. The non-writers in my life are always so baffled when they hear how out of order I work! Haha!)

Anyway, to jumpstart my morning writing session, I’ve made a very tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, swiss chard, mushrooms, spring onion and sundried tomatoes, as well as a homemade latte! No cutting corners on the espresso, either. I buy good beans and grind them fresh, then brew my double shot of espresso, steam the milk, and ta-da! Professional quality latte! (And yes, it really is, because I used to work in a cool little bakery making all the cappucinos, lattes, mochas, etc.)

Well, enough talk of food and lattes. Time to get to work!

7 Down, 2 To Go!

7 Down, 2 To Go!

Well, technically, 7 plus the prologue. I just cracked open chapter 9 and then there is only chapter 10 left to edit. Plus a quick review of the couple additional scenes that I wrote this past week.

Would anyone be interested in being a beta reader? I can think of a few of my fellow bloggers that I’d like to nominate for the task. All I would ask in exchange is feedback/constructive critcism and an honest review posted on your own blog/s. (You know, to possibly generate a little publicity for the, hopefully, soon to be published book!)

Twilight of Yggdrasil – The Dark Realm, Book 1

FeaturedTwilight of Yggdrasil – The Dark Realm, Book 1

Dagmar, a young elven princess, accompanies her father on a voyage to a dark and dangerous world in the hopes of preventing war from breaking out between her people and the dark elves of Svartálfheimr, but the peace is broken when the elven chief is murdered. Dagmar, the only survivor of the massacre, is now stranded in a world full of enemies. Vowing vengeance for her father’s killer, she flees to the neighbouring kingdom and places her life in the hands of the most fearsome dark elf ever known. Bound by an oath to the dark side and seduced by the dark elven king, bloodthirsty Svartálfar will turn an innocent girl into a cold blooded killer who will stop at nothing to have her revenge, but will she lose herself to the darkness as each step she takes carries her ever further from home and the girl she once was, or will she become the light amidst the shadows?

So, what do you think of my series and book title and pitch? Does it leave you wanting more? Are you desperate to read my book? If not, tell me why.

Update on My Manuscript

Update on My Manuscript

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday is off to a great start! The sun is shining here in Germany, so, I might get to do a little gardening this afternoon.

Just a quick update on the progress of my book. Hyperion is helping me out with a final edit of the prologue and chapter 1 as we strive for perfection before the process to seek publication begins. Grrr, it is a tedious task! But if it helps me get this book out there, then it is totally worth it! At times I do have to wonder, why does anyone go to all the trouble to write, when it is suc a laborious endeavour? It isn’t just whip out a story and pass it off to the editors and publishers to do the rest! Haha! Wouldn’t that be nice? But we are kaking progress, and already I am seeing big improvements that I might not have thought of on my own, so it really does pay to have an editor or at least someone to give you very thourough critiques and suggestions. And Hyperion is awesome! (I can’t thank you enough!)

Artwork is coming along, as well, although I’m not very impressed with my own drawing abilities. Hopefully, we can develop a sample for what of my vision for the book cover and then find someone with far superior skills to create the final work of art!

Well, off to work everyone! Have a nice day!

Book Cover Art Wanted!

Book Cover Art Wanted!

Hi everyone! So, Hyperion is helping me out with trying to develop the concept I have for a cover for my book, but it’s possible we may need the help of a talented artist. So, if anyone out there has a talent for fantasy art, or knows someone who does, please contact me or leave a comment. The book is finished and being brushed up in preparation for sending out inquiries, so I’d like to get a cover designed pretty quick.

I’ve Crossed The Threshold!

I’ve Crossed The Threshold!

Chapter 10 is now over 9,000 words, and the battle hasnt even begun! I might even have to split this into two chapters. This means my book is now over 81,000 words! So exciting! Yay! Now, can I please finish this in the next few weeks???

Prepare yourself, because when this is finished, you’re going to be in for some serious, fun, packed full of blood thirsty dark elves battling their way to death or glory, with a lively elven heroine to spice things up!

Image by Steve Argyle at deviant art. See link. (And what do I have to do to get a man with a body like that? Good gods!)