UPDATE: Naming Our New Pet

The little lovebird my daughter found has been living with us since Sunday, and so far, no one has claimed her/him. So, it was high time we name our little birdie, but the question remained. What to name her/him? It doesnt help that we don’t even know the gender, so a gender neutral name would be preferable. However, I just wasn’t comingup with anything. We’ve been dubbing her Peeper, just to substitute until a name could be settled on.

Well, this evening I ran a few ideas past my daughter. My favourites were Nessie and Pippin. Frida says we can’t call the bird Nessie because the water dragon who lives in Loch Ness is already named Nessie. She prefered to call the bird Pip, after I explained that Peep sounds too much like peepee! 😂 My second choice was Pippin, and so we came to a compromise. Pippin as the full name, and Pip for short.

There you have it. Problem solved. Our bird has been given a name fit for such an adorable little rascal as s/he is! 😊

UPDATE: I found the owner of the lost bird, and Pippin is now back home with his human companion and his female mate. His actual name is Frtizti, and his owner was so relieved and happy to know he was safe and to have hime returned to her. We will miss our little buddy. We were all hoping that we wouldn’t be able to find his owner and get to keep him. But seeking his owner was the right thing to do, even if it does make us sad to see him go. Funny, he didnt want to leave, but I’m sure now that he is reunited with his mate, he is much happier. The last couple days he seemed pretty down. Then this morning I discovered that playing recordings of lovebirds cheers him up, so I kept the bird songs playing for him all day, and he was full of energy and charisma. He spent the whole day playing with all of us, even the children, so at least we had a happy last day with our Pippin (because to us, he will always be our little Pip)! 😊


An Unexpected Visitor


Life has kept me very busy lately, and needless to say, progress on proofreading my manuscript is slow going. One amusing little thing Life sent my way recently, is a lost bird.

This past Sunday afternoon, my daughter went to visit her father and grandparents for a couple hours, and I took my boyfriend’s eldest daughter with me to work with the Icelandic horses of a friend, two of which are still in training. She lucked out, and got to ride the one horse who is fully trained. After we were finished, we came home, and a short while later, my daughter got dropped off by her father. When I went outside to meet her, she was looking up at the top of my boyfriend’s car and was very excited. I looked to see what all the fuss was about, and there was a colourful little bird. I tried to catch it, but it got away only to land on my head. So, I quickly carried the little bird inside and left it with my boyfriend and the kids while I went back outside to get my daughter’s stuff in.

Since then, I’ve been keeping the bird upstairs in my rooms, where it is safe from the children and the cats. Luckily, I had a brand new bag of squirrel food here, which I’ve been saving to feed to the squirrels in the winter, so I opened it up and poured a little into my dog’s empty food bowl. The bird was on the bag before I even had it open. After she gobbled down her fill, she moved on to the dog’s water. Clearly the little bird was extremely hungry and thirsty, so I gather she’d been out for a while. Probably that whole day, if not longer.

Anyway, she (I’m calling the bird a ‘she’, even though, after looking up her breed and realizing there are no distinguishing features between the males and females, it is common for the females’ legs to be wider apart than the males, and this one seems to fit that description) immediately made herself at home, checked out my whole room, and got acquainted with me and the children.


Her first night, she slept up at the top of my curtain, and has pretty much settled on that being her sleeping area. My boyfriend and the kids repaired an old bird feeder from the garden and brought it up to my room Sunday after the bird showed up, to give her a place to perch and put her food and water. Then yesterday, she really showed off how intelligent and curious she is. She got into everything, made her presence known by being very vocal. When I tried to take her picture while she was sitting on my daughter’s head, she repeatedly flew onto my phone before I could snap the picture. I finally got lucky and managed a halfway decent picture, as you can see at the top of this post. She even managed to send a what’s app message to my friend from my phone. (I couldn’t keep her off of it when I was trying to tell him about the bird!) Later, when I tried to work on my manuscript, she alternated between trying to play on the keyboard and steal my iced tea. I had to constantly shew her from my laptop, and resorted to putting a notepad on top of my glass to keep her out of my tea!

But despite her excitement yesterday, today she has been less than enthusiastic. She isn’t very vocal today, and she isn’t much interested in anything. My friend, Dan, did a google search and discovered that she is a Fischer’s Lovebird Agapornis Fischeri, and according to info found online, they are very social birds of the parrot family. They usually need to live in small groups of two or more, and don’t do well alone. So, I’m assuming she isn’t feeling so happy anymore now that she realizes there are no other birdie friends for her here.

We want to make an effort to find her owner. One of the kids made the rounds to the neighbours on our street Sunday to ask if anyone lost a bird, but no luck. The message I put out on a Telegram group turned up no results, so the next step is to make inquiries at the local animal shelter, and maybe there is some useful info on the ring around her leg. In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep her happy and healthy. This morning we stopped at the pet food store and bought a bag of food specially formulated for her breed. The store clerk happens to be a bird breeder and says he doesn’t use the common store bought food, but instead, buys super high quality bird food, but as there was nothing like that available at the store, we just took the normal stuff, since squirrel food isn’t exactly the right blend of nuts, seeds and fruits. If we can’t find the owner, we would like to keep her, but then we will need to get her a playmate. Can’t have her becoming a depressed lovebird. That wouldn’t be right. 😉

At the moment, she is back up in the curtains taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon. I hope she’ll start feeling better soon.

Manuscript Review

Manuscript Review


And the process continues…

My apologies for my absence of late. I really should make more time for blogging and keeping up with the bloggers I follow, but finding the time has proved exceedingly difficult. It’s a wonder if I can even find time to read through my manuscript, which needs to be done before sending it out to editors, publishers, etc.


So, Samhain is coming up, and we are planning a little celebration which is sure to be fun. This is really the perfect time of year for me to be active in creative pursuits, so I  really should channel some of that energy into my work. I’m currently nearly halfway through my review on chapter 5 of my manuscript. The work is going much faster on this chapter, as there aren’t as many errors and corruptions as in previous chapters, for some reason.

My original goal was to tackle two chapters a day, with the hope of being finished in under two weeks time, but I have long since passed my self-inflicted deadline.


Why, oh why, must writing be such a tedious endeavor? I love dreaming up stories, and the satisfaction I get from actually writing down those stories is so very rewarding, but actually sitting down and getting started and sticking to the task…. Is there an award for procrastination, because I am surely the queen! Time management really isn’t my thing.

So, before I bore you all with further ramblings, I leave you with some would-be helpful advice, if only we writers would heed it…




5 Things Not to Do at Your Book Reading

Before you plan your next book blowing— oh, pardon me, I meant book reading— here are some tips to improve your performance. Unfortunately, there has been no Hans Effect to this blog post, so don’t expect to find tips indicating proper use of bananas. That being said, I hope you find the following blog post useful. See the link below.


Success! I Have A Manuscript!

Much thanks to Hyperion (aka Dan) for all your help, especially for preparing my manuscript for me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Twilight of Yggdrasil, the Dark Realm is very near to becoming a real book! This is book 1 of a trilogy, for those who are new to my blog.

Last step before beginning the enquiry process: a final review to make sure all recent edits and revisions are accurate, etc, and then I’m finished.

I’ve made myself a latte, the laptop is on, and I’m ready to get started!

Wish me luck, folks! The journey to publication is about to begin!

And to all of you who’ve stuck around since almost the very beginning, a big thank you for all your support and encouragement!