Manuscript Review

Manuscript Review


And the process continues…

My apologies for my absence of late. I really should make more time for blogging and keeping up with the bloggers I follow, but finding the time has proved exceedingly difficult. It’s a wonder if I can even find time to read through my manuscript, which needs to be done before sending it out to editors, publishers, etc.


So, Samhain is coming up, and we are planning a little celebration which is sure to be fun. This is really the perfect time of year for me to be active in creative pursuits, so I  really should channel some of that energy into my work. I’m currently nearly halfway through my review on chapter 5 of my manuscript. The work is going much faster on this chapter, as there aren’t as many errors and corruptions as in previous chapters, for some reason.

My original goal was to tackle two chapters a day, with the hope of being finished in under two weeks time, but I have long since passed my self-inflicted deadline.


Why, oh why, must writing be such a tedious endeavor? I love dreaming up stories, and the satisfaction I get from actually writing down those stories is so very rewarding, but actually sitting down and getting started and sticking to the task…. Is there an award for procrastination, because I am surely the queen! Time management really isn’t my thing.

So, before I bore you all with further ramblings, I leave you with some would-be helpful advice, if only we writers would heed it…





5 Things Not to Do at Your Book Reading

Before you plan your next book blowing— oh, pardon me, I meant book reading— here are some tips to improve your performance. Unfortunately, there has been no Hans Effect to this blog post, so don’t expect to find tips indicating proper use of bananas. That being said, I hope you find the following blog post useful. See the link below.

Success! I Have A Manuscript!

Much thanks to Hyperion (aka Dan) for all your help, especially for preparing my manuscript for me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Twilight of Yggdrasil, the Dark Realm is very near to becoming a real book! This is book 1 of a trilogy, for those who are new to my blog.

Last step before beginning the enquiry process: a final review to make sure all recent edits and revisions are accurate, etc, and then I’m finished.

I’ve made myself a latte, the laptop is on, and I’m ready to get started!

Wish me luck, folks! The journey to publication is about to begin!

And to all of you who’ve stuck around since almost the very beginning, a big thank you for all your support and encouragement!

Review: “The Thunderer: Three Tales of the God of Thunder”


Today I’m doing something new – writing my first book review! I purchased this book on Amazon, The Thunderer: Three Tales of the God of Thunder, by David L. Burkhead, after reading a snippet on the author’s blog, The Writer in Black, which captured my attention. This book features three short stories which all center around Thor, and who can resist a story about the God of Thunder?!

Disclaimer: Normally, I’m not big on short stories. Just isn’t my thing, but I wanted to read these. However, I’m not familiar with the criteria used for reviewing short stories, so I’m just going to give my own honest opinion.

Here goes!

Donner Rothskegg

The first story in the collection is Donner Rothskegg. It is placed in a modern setting, and the main character is a man who has fallen on hard times. This is a story about generosity and hospitality. I’m reluctant to write a synopsis, as I don’t wish to give any spoilers, so I will just share my overall opinion. I found this story to have the best flow of the three, and I particularly liked the quality of story telling employed for this one. The author really drew me in, even though what I was most interested in reading was a retelling of the legends and lore of the Gods, and this is purely a creation of the author’s own imagination. But I really did like it, especially given the fact that I am biased against short stories.

Next up:

In the Hall of the Giant

Story-wise, this was my favourite, because this is more along the lines of what I was looking for, and the primary reason that I purchased the book in the first place. The story telling voice didn’t quite leave the impression on me as did the first story, but overall, I found it quite enjoyable, and I loved the challenges that Thor, Loki and Thjalfi undertook in the Giant’s hall. I read this one aloud to a friend, and he and I both had to giggle at some of the scenarios! But wait until you get to the end, when the giant explains the truth of the challenges Thor and his companions faced! Clever! Very clever. I intend to read this one to my daughter, and think she will enjoy it. Should make for a perfect bedtime story.


God of Thunder

Nice story telling techniques, this one was as unique in content as the first two. I’m not sure if God of Thunder is based on any saga or legend, but it has a little of that kind of feel. Set in Greenland after the conversion to Christianity, it goes on to tell a tale that leads the narrator back to the old Gods. I like that about it, and how it reads like a story being told by an elder to the children around the fireside. However, of the three, this was my least favourite.

Overview: A good value for a collection of short stories, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading tales of the Gods. There are a few typos and in the second story, I noticed a bit of overuse of character names, but it is pretty trivial, and easy to forgive. I the book give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

And it’s time to knock out the last chapter! (Technically, not the last chapter of the book, because I already completed editing chapter 11 before proceeding chapters, so I’m now working on chapter 10. The non-writers in my life are always so baffled when they hear how out of order I work! Haha!)

Anyway, to jumpstart my morning writing session, I’ve made a very tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, swiss chard, mushrooms, spring onion and sundried tomatoes, as well as a homemade latte! No cutting corners on the espresso, either. I buy good beans and grind them fresh, then brew my double shot of espresso, steam the milk, and ta-da! Professional quality latte! (And yes, it really is, because I used to work in a cool little bakery making all the cappucinos, lattes, mochas, etc.)

Well, enough talk of food and lattes. Time to get to work!

Another One Down!

Editing for chapter 9 is finished! Only one more chapter to go. Then I just need to review the small additional scenes before Hyperion can do the formatting. After that, it will be off to the editor, and I’ll be contacting those of you who volunteered to read the finished product!

Ahhh!!!! I’m so excited to have made it this far!!!!